Welcome to the Kitchen Club

We creates room for wellbeing. It’s a place to meet, collaborate, reenergize, and enjoy good food – just as you would in your kitchen at home.

Our food

The Kitchen Club serves an enticing and energizing lunch, full of variation and vanishingly good seasonal food.
We carefully spit-roast, smoke, barbeque, steam, spice, cure with gusto and joy aplenty, to create hearty yet healthy dishes for the modern international epicure.

Me and my team welcome you to The Kitchen Club Bistro & Café from March 15!

/ Mathias, Restaurant manager 

Opening Hours

Dear Guests
TKC will be closed for lunch during summer. Luch is closed v29-v32. However the café will be open during v29 and v32.
Best regards The Kitchen Club

Mathias Nolin

Phone no. of the restaurant:
Contact the restaurant:
Partikelgatan 2
225 92 Lund